affiliate marketing ابحاث فى المحاسبة والمراجعة ( مدونة وليد الجبلى ): اكبر واضخم مكتبة فى كافة تخصصات علم المحاسبة باللغة الانجليزية PDF

السبت، 16 أبريل، 2016

اكبر واضخم مكتبة فى كافة تخصصات علم المحاسبة باللغة الانجليزية PDF

1. CA Pakistan:

AFC Study Texts and Revision Kits:
1.AFC1-Functional English - Question Bank (2015) - Revised new
2.AFC1-Functional English - Study Text Revised (2015) - Revised new
3.AFC-02 Business Communication - Question Bank (2015) - Revised new
4.AFC-02 Business Communication - Study Text (2015) - Revised new
5.AFC-02 Business Communication - Examinable Supplements MCQs new
6.AFC-02 Business Communication -Examinable Supplements new
7.AFC-4 Introduction to Information Technology -Examinable Supplements
8.AFC – 03 Quantitative Methods - Study Text (2013)
9.AFC – 03 Quantitative Methods - Question Bank (2013)
10.AFC-04 Introduction to Information Technology - Study Text (2013)
11.AFC-04 Introduction to Information Technology - Question Bank (2013)

CAF Study Texts and Revision Kits:
12.CAF-2 Introduction to Economics and Finance -Question Bank (2015)
13.CAF-2 Introduction to Economics and Finance - Study Text (2015)
14.CAF-3-Examinable Supplement-Business Law (2015)new_icon_red
15.CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting I - Question bank (2015)
16.CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting I - Study Text (2015)
17.CAF-6 Principles of Taxation - Question bank (2015)
18.CAF-6 Principles of Taxation - Study Text (2015)
19.CAF-7 Financial Accounting and Reporting II- Question Bank (2015)
20.CAF-7 Financial Accounting and Reporting II - Study Text (2015)
21.CAF-8 Cost and Management Accounting - Question Bank (2015)
22.CAF-8 Cost and Management Accounting Study Text (2015)
23.CAF-9 Audit & Assurance - Question Bank (2015)
24.CAF-9 Audit & Assurance - Study Text (2015)
25.Business laws - Study Text (2013)
26.Business laws - Question Bank (2013)
27.CAF – 01 Introduction to Accounting - Study Text (2013)
28.CAF – 01 Introduction to Accounting - Question Bank (2013)
29.CAF-04 BM & BS - Study Text (2013)
30.CAF-04 BM & BS - Question Bank (2013)
31.CAF-6 Principles of Taxation - Study Text (2014)
32.CAF-6 Principles of Taxation - Question Bank (2014)

CFAP Study Texts and Revision Kits:
33.Business Management Study Text
34.BMS Revision Kit
35.Business Finance Decisions Study Text
36.Business finance decisions practice kit
37. Advanced taxation study text (Coming soon)
38.Advanced Taxation Practice Kit (for june 2016 exams) 
39.Audit and Assurance study support material
40.Advanced audit practice kit
41.Corporate laws study text (Coming soon)
42.Corporate laws revision kit
43.Advanced financial reporting study text
44.Advanced financial reporting practice kit

1.ICAP Training Regulations
2.ICAP Training Regulation 2015 Summary
3.ICAP Marking Scheme CAF
4.PAC CA Final Winter 2015 Mocks

2. CPA Pakistan:
1.Advance Auditing and Assurance by ICPAP
2.Advanced Financial Management by ICPAP
3.Advanced Management Accounting by ICPAP
4.Advanced Performance Management (II)
5.Advanced Performance Management
6.Business Analysis and Decision Making by ICPAP
7.Corporate Law & Governance
8.Financial and Corporate Reporting
9.Forensic Accounting
10.Human Resource Planning and Development
11.Information Technoloyg Management_ Audit & Control
12.Mercantile Law

3. Economics:
Economic Suvey of Pakistan 2014-2015
1.Overview of the Economy
2.Growth and Investment
4.Manufacturing & Mining
5.Fiscal Development
6.Money and Credit
7.Capital Markets
9.Trade and Payments
10.Public Debt
12.Health & Nutrition
13.Population, Labor Force and Employment
14.Transport and Communications
16.Social Safety Nets
18.Contingent Liabilities
19.Tax Expenditure (Errata)
20.Pakistan: Flood Impact Assessment
21.Impact of War in Afghanistan and Ensuing Terrorism on Pakistan's Economy
22.Highlights Pakistan Economic Survey 2014-15
23.Economic and Social Indicators
24.Download Statistical Appendices
25.Research Team

4. GCA Publications:
1.Business Management Revision Kit
2.Corporate Laws Past Papers Kit
3.ITMAC Revision kit
4.Internal Audit Book

5. Accounting and financial reporting:
1.CFAP AFR Notes by Bilal Khalid ACA
2.Gripping IFRS 2008
3.IFRS Graded Questions
4.Graded Questions Solutions
5.IFRS 2014
6.IFRS 2015
7.IFRS 2016 Blue Book
8.Accounting for management by William H Webster CPA.pdf
9.Accounting for managers by Paul M Collier.pdf
10.Accounting Fraud by Jeff Madura.pdf
11.Accounting Principles A Business Perspective Volume 1 Financial Accounting by James Don Edwards.pdf
12.Accounting System Excel Spreadsheets.pdf
13.Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making 5E by Kimmel Kieso.pdf
14.Advance Managment Accounting 4th Edition Parag Gupta.pdf
15.Advanced Financial Accounting Reporting ICWAI.pdf
16.Company Accounts Cost and Management Accounting ICSI.pdf
17.Essentials Of Accounts Payable by Mary S Schaeffer.pdf
18.Financial reporting and analysis by Charles H.Gibson.pdf
19.Financial Accounting11E by STUART A MCCRARY.pdf
20.Frank woods business accounting 1.pdf
21.Frank woods business accounting 2.pdf
22.Frank Wood's manual 1 and 2 (Solutions).pdf
23.Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing ICSI.pdf
24.Essentials of XBRL Financial Reporting in the 21st Century by Bryan.pdf
25.Evaluating financial reporting quality by Linda Mcdaniel.pdf                                                                     
26.Financial accounting and reporting by barry elliot.pdf
27.IFRS by ICAEW 2013-14 .pdf
28.International Financial Statement Analysis Thomas R Robinson.pdf
29.Manual of Business Accounting 1 and 2 11E by Frank Wood.pdf
20.The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Non financial Managers by Wdwards Fields.pdf
21. Public Sector Accounting Standards
22. Handbook of international education  pronouncements
23. IFRS 2016 Red book

6. Financial Management:
1.A trader's money management system                                                                                                                      
2.Fundamentals of Financial Management 11E by Brigham and Houston.pdf
3.Fundamentals of Financial Management by Brigam Houston 12E.pdf
4.Fundamentals of Financial Management by Brigham Houston 10E.pdf
5.Fundamentals of Financial Management by Van Horne 13E.pdf                                                                           
6.Elements of Financial Risk Management 2 Ed by Christoffersen.pdf
7.Elements of Financial Risk Management by Christoffersen.pdf
8.Essential of Technical Analysis for Financial Markets by James Chen.pdf
9.Essentials of Financial Analysis by George T Friedlob.pdf
10.Essentials of Financial Risk Management by Karen A Horcher.pdf                                                                          
11.Financial Management Brigham 13th Edition.pdf
12.Financial Management by Subramanian.pdf
13.Financial Management EIILM University.pdf
14.Financial Management of Cyber Risk by ANSI.pdf
15.Financial Management Policy by James c Van Horne 12th edition.pdf
16.Financial Risk Management 2 Ed by Steven Allen.pdf
17.Financial Risk Management by Allan M Malz.pdf
18.Fixed Income Analysis 2E by Frank J Fabozzi.pdf
19.Fixed Income Securites Valuation Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies by Lionel Martellini.pdf
20.Handbook of credit portfolio management by Greg N. Gregoriou christian hoppe.pdf
21.Instructor's Manual Fundamental of Managerial Finance 12th Edition James C.Van Horne.pdf
23.International Financial Management by Choel Resnick 6E.pdf
24.International Financial Management by Jeff Madura 11E.pdf
25.Manage Your Project Portfolio by Johanna Rothman.pdf
26.Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.pdf
27.Investment Risk Management by H KENT BAKER.pdf
28.Investment Risk Management by Yen Yee Chong.pdf
29.Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook by Maginn McLeavey.pdf
30.Managing the Business Risk of Fraud AICPA.pdf
31.Manual of Financial Management Theory and Practice by Brigham 11E.pdf
32.Manual of Fundamentals of Financial Management by James C VanHorne 12E.pdf
33.Modeling and Risk Management for Equity Linked Life Insurance by Mary Hardy.pdf
34.Modern portfolio optimization A practical approach using Excel Solver by JEFF GROVER ANGELINE.pdf
35.Portfolio Credit Risk by Luis Seco.pdf
36.Practical Risk Management by Erik Banks and Richard Dunn.pdf
37.Practice Standard for Project Risk Management by PMI.pdf
38.Principles of Corporate Finance 10th E Brealey.pdf   
39.Principles of Managerial Finance Book and Solution Lawrence J. Gitman
40.Project Management Accounting by Kevin R Callahan.pdf
41.Project Management Metrics Kpis and Dashboards by Harold Kerzner.pdf
42.Project Management The Managerial Process Fifth Edition.pdf
43.Project Risk Management by Chris Chapman.pdf
44.Project Risk Management Guidelines by Cooper.pdf
45.Quantitative Investment Analysis Workbook by DeFusco McLeavey Pinto Runkle.pdf
45.Risk and Financial Catastrophe by Erik Banks.pdf
46.Risk Assessment by Ostrom Wilhelmsen.pdf
47.Risk Management 10 Principles by Dr Jacqueline Jeynes.pdf
48.Risk Management and Capital Adequacy by Reto R Gallati.pdf
49.Risk Management and Financial Institutions 3 Ed by John C Hull.pdf
50.Risk Management by Waleed El Naggar.pdf
51.Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors.pdf
52.Risk Management in Credit Portfolios by Martin Hibbeln.pdf
53.Risk Management Introduction.pdf
54.Risk Modelling in General Insurance by Roger J Gray.pdf
55.Simulation Techniques in Financial Risk Management by Peter Bloomfield.pdf
56.Solutions Set for 4th Edition of CA. Parag Gupta.pdf
57.STRAMA - Strategic Management Concepts and Cases 13e [David].pdf
58.Strategic financial management by Alan Hill.pdf
59.Strategic financial management exercise book by Alan Hill.pdf
60.Strategic Financial Management ICAI.pdf
61.The Essentials of Risk Management by Michel Crouhy.pdf
62.The Professional Handbook of Financial Risk Management by Marc Lore and Lev Borodovsky.pdf
63.The Standard for Portfolio Management by PMI.pdf
64.The Warren Buffett Portfolio the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy by Robert G Hagstrom.pdf

7. Cost and Management Accounting:
1.Collin drury CMAC book and manual and solutions 6th Edition                                                             
2.Advanced Management Accounting Vol 1 ICAI 2011.pdf
3.Advanced Management Accounting Vol 1 ICAI.pdf
4.Advances in Management Accounting vol.14.pdf
5.Advances in Management Accounting vol.15.pdf
6.Controlling Strategy Management Accounting and Performance Measurement Oxford.pdf
7.Cost Accounting 14E by Horngren.pdf
8.Cost Accounting by Barfield.pdf
9.Cost Center Accounting Extended Functions by SAP ERP officials.pdf
10.Cost Center Accounting SAP.pdf
11.Cost Management Accounting and Control by Hansen and Mowen.pdf                                                       
12.Essentials of Corporate Performance Measurement by George T Friedlob.pdf
13.Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 3E by William Anderson Maher.pdf
14.Inter-8 Cost_Accounting And Management Acoounting ICWAI.pdf
15.Introduction and scope of Management Accounting.pdf
16.Introduction to Managerial Accounting 5E by Garrison Noreen.pdf
17.Management Accounting 2E by PAULINE WEETMAN.pdf
18.Management Accounting Best Practices by STEVEN M BRAGG.pdf
19.Management Accounting for business decisions by Colin Drury.pdf
20.Management_Accounting by Hobbs.pdf
21.Managerial Accounting 12E by Garrison Noreen.pdf
22.Managerial Accounting 14E by Garrison Noreen Brewer.pdf
23.Managerial Accounting for Managers 2E by Garrision Noreen.pdf
24.Managerial Accounting Test Bank 12E by Garrison Noreen Brewer.pdf
25.Managerial and Cost Aaccounting by Walther and Skousen.pdf
26.Manual of Managerial Accounting 11E by Garrison Noreen.pdf
27.Principles of Cost Accounting 15 Ed Edward J. Vanderbeck.pdf

8. Audit:
1.ICAP CAF Audit book by Muhammad Asif
2.Auditing Standards 2013
3.Auditing Standards 2014 Volume 1
4.Auditing Standards 2014 Volume 2
5.Auditing Standards 2014 Volume 3                                                                                                                                 
6.Guide to Public Company Auditing.pdf
7. Auditing standards 2015

9. Information Technology Audit:                                                                                                            
1.IT Financial Management by Maxime Sottini.pdf
2.IT Information Technology Portfolio Management Step by Step by Bryan Maizlish Robert Handler.pdf
3.Information Security and Risk Management.pdf

10. Forensic Accounting:                                                                                                             
1.Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit.pdf
2.Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non Experts 2 Ed by Howard Silverstone.pdf
3.Forensic Accounting by Okoye and Gbegi.pdf
4.Forensic Psychology.pdf
5.Foundation of Risk Management by EDU Pristine.pdf
6.Fraud and Forensic Accounting in a Digital Environment by Conan c Albrecht.pdf
7.Fraud Detection and Forensic Accounting Fatma Ulucan and Ayse Pamukc.pdf
8.Lecture Notes on Forensic Accounting Investigations by Jagdish S Gangolly.pdf
9.An Empirical Investigation of the Relevant Skills of Forensic Accountants By Dr Madan Bhasin.pdf
10.Basics of Financial Accounting ICWAI.pdf

11. English:

12. CMA USA:
1.CMA USA Part 1 MCQ 1481 Gleim.pdf
2.CMA USA Part 1 MCQs Gleim 2015.pdf
3.CMA USA Part 2 MCQ 1635 Gleim.pdf
4.CMA USA Part 2 MCQs Gleim 2015.pdf

13. Excel:
1.Excel 2013 All in One For Dummies.pdf
2.Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies 2nd Edition Book.pdf
3.Microsoft Excel 2013 Plain Simple.pdf
4.Microsoft Excel 2013 Step by Step Complete Book.pdf
5.MS Excel 2010 Step by Step

14. ICAEW:
1.Past Papers
2.IFRS by ICAEW 2013-14 .pdf

15. General:
1.The Top 200 Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery.pdf
2.The intelligent investor
3.How to search for jobs in dubai (Email addresses)                                                                                              
4.The power of positive thinking.pdf                                                                                                                                     
5.How to Answer the 64 toughest interview questions.pdf                                                                                
6.Strategic Retail Management 383490287X.pdf
7.The confident Speaker.pdf                                                                                                                                          
8.Essentials of Business Process Outsourcing by Thomas N Duening.pdf
9.Essentials Of Knowledge Managemente by Bryan Bergeron.pdf
10.Essentials of Payroll Management and Accounting by Steven M Bragg.pdf
11.Essentials of supply chain management by Michael Hugos.pdf

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